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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

It's tough to lead a single life. By that I mean to live a daily life in correspondence with your beliefs. If you belong to a religion, you'll know what I mean. For many, life is compartmentalized and full of inconsistencies. People worship God and yet don't "walk with God". Something like that.

Being consistent is something I've been striving for for a while now. Ironically, I used to shun predictability and monotony, but I've realized that being predictable--whether in a good or a bad way--makes you reliable and thus easier to get along with (as long as you can avoid the trap of allowing people to take advantage of you).

Anyway, I realized something about my own beliefs tonight, and how it applies to everyday life. If I don't believe in free will, and if I don't believe in the Self, then I should not hold negative feelings toward anyone, ever. How does this come about? Well, if there is only one possible reality--the one we're in--I should accept and be therefore content with who I am, because it's the only "me" possible. If I'm content with who I am, it's also because everyone else is they way THEY are. Furthermore, if there is no Self, then there is no distinguishment between me and someone else--or anything else. When the barriers between subject (me) and object (else) are broken, there is nothing left to dislike, and nothing left to do the disliking.