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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Joriki and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Most people have a major misconception of what it means to be "Zen". They acquaint it with being totally immersed in something, of having intense focus, of being totally one with the task at hand. To some extent, that is correct, but Zen is actually much broader than that; intense, focused concentration is a "lesser" Zen known as Joriki.

Joriki is what you have when you're "in the Zone". Nothing exists except you and your task, and you are its master, because you are one with it. You are doing something great for its own sake, for the sake of Paedrus's Quality, or for Khan's individuality. As there is nothing outside, there is no competitor, no source of pride, but nor is there a source of honor or cooperation. It just IS.

Anyone can have Joriki, and having Joriki certainly enhances your Zen, but to be "Zen" is to be enlightened.