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Friday, November 28, 2003
Makyo In My Mind

Not that anyone cares about my dreams (cuz I never care about the dreams of others, really), but I've created a new blog for them at Makyo In My Mind.

When one practices Zen meditation, vivid hallucinations, illusory sensations, and visions--called makyo--often occur. Philip Kapleau in The Three Pillars of Zen describes this as "...residual impressions of our life experience, including those of previous existences, going back to time immemorial...bubble up to the conscious mind...penetrates so deeply that the surface and intermediate levels of consciousness are stilled."

Makyo are not to be dwelled upon in spite of emotions they evoke, because they mean nothing; they merely hinder true enlightenment.

I equate my dreams with makyo, even though sleep is far from a state of meditation, because I've never believed in the symbolism of dreams. Obviously, in recording them, I'm not letting them go as I should. However, unlike most people, I remember most of my dreams, and if I don't record them, they continue to pollute my mind until I do (which is how I am able to have recorded dreams from infancy). My writing them down is a way of letting them go that just so happens to entertain me as well.