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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Over the years, Seanbaby (who, while hilarious, unfortunately confuses biological quality with intellectual quality in his disdain for society) has expressed much concern over the future dominance of robots over society. Artciles such as Robot Holocaust, Part 1 and Part 2, God Damn Robot Escapes, Robot Escapes Lab, and The Robopocalypse clearly convery an existentialist Fear and Trembling Anxiety regarding technology.

If memes are the power behind intellect, and we create machines that are someday capable of transmitting them (dare I say "alive"?), we humans have a problem, because this is when the robots would be reaching for Dynamic Quality, the agent of change in the world.

Robots do not have biological quality. I'm not sure what you'd call it, but it'd be something else after inorganic. There is no reason to believe the robots would form societies similar to our own, so we'd end up with:

chaos->inorganic->robotic->robot society->robot intellect
chaos->inorganic->biological->human society->human intellect

Two competing lines of values. Not only would human society have to fight human biology and human intellect, but it would also have to fight robotic quality, robot society and robot intellect. That's quite a burden. Of course, robot society would be doing the same, but I daresay robot intellect, over time, would overpower human intellect. As long as the robots had access to Dynamic Quality, their greater processing power and speed of transmission would enable them to create robot societies (and in turn, robots) greater than our own.

But who knows, maybe the robot memes would create yet another memetic substrate that could wipe out the robots? Maybe, but I doubt we'd be around to find out. The point is, if another substrate for memes were available, memes would have no use for us, and human life as we know it could perish.